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Sonic Meditation and your vitamins

Sonic meditation at 528 hz is great for your circulation, not just for pushing water through your cells, which  results in all kinds of benefits. You don’t need me to tell you what they are, or what conditions can be caused by low or lack of circulation.  You should be able to feel the hum, tingle, buzz, or slight tickling head to toe. Literally head to toe, as in when you fully relax, you can feel it in your face and your toes.  That is the frequency reaching every cell in your body. Focus on the frequencies washing through you.  For best results, use a harmonic or symphonic meditation, and stay away from monotones except for reinforcement during the above.

One good example is it is a way to turbo-circulate your vitamins. If you have any vitamins you take, taking them prior to a sonic meditation will help decrease the time they take to dissolve and get absorbed. Don’t do this with prescription drugs, though!



We are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe. -Esther Hicks

What she is saying here is that we all have a frequency we are resonating at. It changes with our

thoughts, energies, and intentions.

Did you know?

You can be completely deaf (blown ear drums, cochleas, etc) and still benefit from sonic meditation.  As long as you use headphones, or better yet, earbuds.

Why?  You have nerve endings all around your ear where it meets your scalp  that send the vibrations and frequency through your body.  Feeling and experiencing the vibrations is the focal point, being able to hear the music is an extra bonus.

Sonic meditation tips

laying down

Sonic meditation is a little different than typical meditation. Sonic meditation is designed to give the necessary inertia to your Qi or life force (the force that beats your heart, blinks your eyes, grows your hair and nails).  The idea is that you want as few obstacles, both mental and physical, as possible.  The best way to do sonic meditation is laying down, prostrate, on your back. I recommend the use of a yoga mat and a pillow for comfort.  The fewer kinks and crooks in your body, the better. The same with your thoughts. it works best when you completely allow the sonic meditation to flood your body with the frequencies and have no interfering thoughts.